Lawyers Association of Kansas City 

Foundation of the Lawyers Association of Kansas City 

The Foundation of the Lawyers Association of Kansas City was founded to foster, maintain, promote, improve, or facilitate the provision of legal services for sick, aged, helpless or needy individuals or for other entities, and to study, promote, improve or facilitate the administration of justice.


Whittaker Award

The Charles Evans Whittaker Award was established by the Lawyers Association in 1976 to honor Justice Whittaker who was a founder of the Association and an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. This award is presented to those persons who, on a national and local basis, have promoted the welfare of the public and the bar, encouraged cordial relations among the members of the bar, advanced the science of jurisprudence, supported the administration of justice and aided and supported the courts in the administration of their rules governing the practice of law. 

Click here to view the full listing of Whittaker Award recipients.


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