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1976 Gordon D. Gee

1977 Arthur Mag

1978 Patrick D. Kelly

1979 Judge William Becker

1980 Judge John R. Gibson

1981 Ilus W. Davis

1983 Judge Timothy O'Leary

1984 Judge Elwood L. Thomas and Harry B. Thomson, Jr.

1985 Judge Floyd Gibson

1986 David B.B. Helfrey and The Kansas City Organized Crime Strike Force

1987 Reed O. Gentry

1988 Stanley P. Weiner

1989 Judge Lewis W. Clymer

1990 William H. Colby

1991 W.H. "Bert" Bates

1992 Edward A. Smith

1993 Frank J. Murphy

1994 Judge Elmo B. Hunter

1995 Judge H. Michael Coburn (posthumously)

1996 Judge Joseph E. Stevens, Jr. and Senator John C. Danforth

1997 Judge Russell G. Clark and Judge William H. Webster

1998 David Field Oliver and Morris S. Dees, Jr.

1999 Judge Richard P. Matsch & Richard F. Halliburton and Legal Aid of Western Missouri

2000 Kenneth W. Dam and Linda Gill Taylor

2001 Daniel R. Glickman and Harry Wiggins

2002 Judge Harry T. Edwards and Linda J. French

2003 Nancy Kassebaum Baker and J. Eugene Balloun

2004 Heywood H. Davis, Esq. and Sean O'Brien

2005 Judge Howard F. Sachs and Judge Scott O. Wright

2007 David Everson and Judge George W. Greer

2008 Judge Janis Graham Jack and C. Patrick McLarney

2009 Morris D. Davis and Alvin Sykes

2012 Judge Duane Benton 

2013 Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

2015 Deanell Reece Tacha

2016 David Boies and Ted Olson

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